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DIY Emoji Shower Curtain

By popular demand, here is our step by step instructions on how to create your own shower curtain!

DIY Shower Curtain

Salt "Dough"-nuts

Making play doughnuts from our easy 3 ingredients Salt Dough recipe and acrylic paint!

Salt Dough "Doughnuts"

Flip Flop Makeover

Yucky old flip flops? Don't trash them, refashion them! We'll show you how!

Flip flop Makeover 

Toy Car Garage

Learn how to turn a few household items into a cool toy car garage

Toy Car Garage

Leopard Print Wine Glass

Create a stunning wine glass that is easy to make!

Leopard Print Glass

DIY Cell Phone Stand

$1 Cell Phone stand

Upcycle a $1 Business card holder into a unique cell phone stand

Cell Phone Stand

DIY, Dollar Store, Glitter, pink, Earring holder,  upcycle, recycle

Earring Holder

Upcycle a $1 Desk Organizer into a creative earring holder!

Earring Holder