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Flip Flop Makeover

Do you have an old pair of flip flops? Before you throw them out, learn how to give them a new look!

The Before pic

I have 4 daughters and between the 5 of us, we go through a lot of flip flops! The flip flops always start off really cute and colorful! However, after a while of running around, cartwheels in the grass, getting caught in an passing summer rain, wearing them after a trip to the pool and more, the cute flip flop look fades away. Instead of throwing them away, I refashion them!

Materials needed:

I used the following materials for this makeover:

  • Old flip flops
  • Craft paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Spray adhesive
  • Ribbon
  • Fake flowers
  • Paper towels or newspaper

I also used a waterproofing spray but that's optional

What if it's broken?

I used to throw the flip flops away once the plastic started to become loose, now I used spray adhesive instead! Before you start refashioning the flip flops, fix any loose or broken pieces. I sprayed the plastic with a small amount of spray adhesive, pressed it together for a few minutes and they were good as new!

Base coat

After fixing any broken parts of the flip flops, I painted a white base coat. The previous design on the flip flops have a lot of bold colors. Using a base coat helps to fill in any patchy colors from the previous design and give a better surface to design on. Let the base coat dry completely before moving on. If you added a base coat and can still see through it, add another coat but make sure to let it dry completely between coats.

Get ready to paint!

Once the base coat is dry, the flip flops are ready to design! I decided to paint an ombré effect using various shades of pink....I LOOOOOOVE Pink! I used one shade of pink (the bottom shade) and added white paint to it until I got two more shades of pink. 

ombré and dry!

To paint an ombré effect, I blended the lighter shade into the darker shade using a slightly damp paintbrush. 

While painting the flip flops, its very very VERY important to let the paint dry in between coats. Otherwise, the paint starts to come off and will add spots to the finished look of the flip flops.

I could have left the flip flops like this and it still would have been cuter than the original faded design. However I felt like I could jazz it up a bit so I grabbed some ribbons and started embellishing!

Spray adhesive is my bff! :)

I love using spray adhesive for projects like this! It holds really well and I can cover a larger surface area without using a lot of product. I used a paper towel (on the other shoe I used newspaper out of curiosity) to protect my painting from excess adhesive. Spray the area with a sweeping motion, let it sit for about a minute then its ready to use!

Embellish them!

I love glitter! So even though there isn't any glitter on these flip flops (boo hoo) I used a shiny silver ribbon that I had leftover and a few fabric fake flowers I had gotten from the dollar store. Once the spray adhesive was tacky from sitting for about a minute, I wrapped the ribbon around the plastic of the flip flops. To finish it off, I added a few small fabric flowers with the spray adhesive.

I also sprayed the finished product with a waterproofing spray. It just gave me additional peace of mind that the paint wasn't going to come off. I am tempted to use Mod Podge next time, just out of curiosity....I'll let you know how that goes!


My flip flops are finished and I honestly love this look better than the original! 

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