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Art that we love!

We loooooove art and love to share it too!

Paint Nite

Choose from one of our creative original images to recreate for your next "paint night". One of our skilled and enthusiastic art instructors will guide you and your guests to create a unique painted masterpiece!

"Needle-Less" Knitting 

You and your guests will learn how to "Knit" using just yarn and your fingers! 

DIY Shower Curtains

Can you make your own shower curtain???? WE CAN! :) and we can show you and your guests how to make your own also! (P.S. It's waterproof too!)

Art Classes

Learn about various famous artists and their art in an age appropriate way through fun and engaging art activities!

Paint Nite options

Choose an image from this gallery and we will show you how to recreate it at your next party or event!

"Love and the Birds"

Acrylic paint and brushes

Ages 7 and up

"His Beauty"

Acrylic paint/sponges/brushes

Ages 14 and up

"Her Beast"

Acrylic paint/sponges/brushes

Ages 14 and up

"Love on the Beach"

acrylic paint and brushes

Ages 5 and up