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DIY Shower Curtain

Learn how to decorate a shower curtain!

why in the world would you create your own shower curtain?

I am redecorating the Kids' bathroom in our house. It was quite the brainstorming session trying to figure out what theme would be best in a bathroom that my kids (ages 4-11) all share. After going through every possible theme in my mind, I FINALLY realized that emojis would be AWESOME! Only one problem though.....it was nearly impossible to find the "perfect" emoji shower curtain in stores! I searched for weeks online and in stores and could not find a simple yet cute emoji shower curtain. That's when it hit me..."I can DIY it!!!!"

Step 1: purchase a plain shower curtain

I went to Walmart and purchased a plain white fabric shower curtain (about $9). I have always wondered who gets the blank shower curtains now I'm in that club lol!

The one that I purchased ended up being a waffle-textured fabric, which presented a challenge in painting (I'll explain later on). I highly recommend using a smooth non textured fabric shower curtain if at all possible. If you can't find one then using a textured shower curtain will be fine, just be prepared to do more work. 

Don't forget the paint!

I used acrylic paint to paint the emojis on the shower curtain. I got a REALLY big bottle of acrylic paint in medium yellow because I had a LOT of emojis to paint :)

For other parts of the project, I used small bottles of craft acrylic paint (black, white, red, blue) and it worked really well!

Step 2: Set the shower curtain up for painting

It was a lot more complicated than I originally thought trying to figure out where I should paint the curtain! :) 

I decided to paint it up against the glass shower doors I had in a different bathroom. However, I have also made separate shower curtains on the floor just make sure that you put something behind it (Like an old sheet, a paint tarp or a plastic table cloth) because the paint will bleed through the curtain.

 I ended up "Magyever"-ing the curtain by using the hooks from an old "Over-the-door" shoe rack that I had. I also found that masking tape in various places also helped to hold it up even when I did not use the hooks.

Step 3: Sketch out your design

Art class 101: Never "Sketch" anything in Sharpie! I, however was so excited to get started on the project that I grabbed the closest thing to me....a sharpie....admittedly not the greatest idea I've had -___-

 I sketched the circles for the emojis onto the shower curtain. It was surprisingly successful until I got to the big emoji. I made a mistake in the sketching and could not undo it because...you know, IT"S SHARPIE!! lol #lessonlearned :) 

Step 4: Start your painting!

I started painting the emojis (extremely therapeutic BTW) and it was going REALLY well...except....Remember that "challenge" I mentioned earlier? Yeah, no bueno! 

The textured shower curtain required more paint per stroke. Since it was a waffle print, the paint had difficulty getting into each tiny little square. So I would have to go over one area several times just to get the area completely saturated with paint. It increased the amount of time, energy and paint that I had to use. Thus the reason why I highly recommend to not used textured curtains. It will work but man it was easier when I used a smooth surfaced shower curtain on the second project.

Add the details!

That was probably my favorite part of this project. Adding the details to each emoji really started to make the project more fun! 

I couldn't figure out how to cover my sharpie "Mistake" (because paint was NOT covering it) So I decided to turn the "mistake" into a hat on the large emoji. 

In hindsight, I'm really glad I made the "mistake" because the hat ended up being super cute in my opinion :)

....no more sketching in sharpie though... 

Step 5: Add a background (optional)

I wanted the color scheme of the kids' bathroom to be gray and yellow. However, a giant white shower curtain did not "flow" with that theme. That's the beauty of a DIY project, its ultimately up to me to decide what the project needs or doesn't need!

So I painted a background on the curtain! I made my own shade of bluish-gray and gray and painted the colors on a diagonal using a large household paintbrush. That aforementioned "challenge" kept rearing its ugly head throughout this project. So I was not going to waste any more time and energy (and paint) by using a small paintbrush to cover such a large area. The larger paint brush and steady hands really made the background painting a breeze! 

Step 6: Waterproofing (Also optional but recommended)

I figured that all that hard work I put into creating the shower curtain needed to be protected. I purchased a waterproofing spray, took the shower curtain outside so i could spray it down, let it dry and then hung it up! I also put a shower curtain liner behind it just for additional protection and longevity of the curtain.

finished product!

I absolutely love how my DIY emoji shower curtain turned out! The kids love it and it goes really well with the emoji acrylic canvas paintings I added to the bathroom as well! Check out the post on that as well! 


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