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Toy Car Garage

Great way to up-cycle paper towel tubes into a fun Toy Car Garage!

New ideas from my new children!

I am a mom of 4 daughters, but now I have 2 Bonus Sons as well and that has REALLY changed my life! I previously lived in a world of princesses, dance classes, tutus and tea parties. Now my world is filled with monster trucks, dirt bikes, super heroes and more cars than I ever imagined and I LOVE IT! Having my wonderful bonus sons have opened my eyes on a lot of things, and given my creative side new projects to work on! My sons have hundreds of cars of various sizes and they were all jammed into one small bucket. I noticed that he has a few "favorites" that he plays with but I realized his "favorites" were just the easiest to get to! So I had an idea.....

Materials needed:

I used the following materials for this project:

  • Paper Towel/ Toilet Paper tubes (a LOT of them)
  • Spray Paint
  • Spray adhesive (or a hot glue gun I ended up using both)
  • 2 large cardboard boxes
  • Box cutter

I also did this project outside to cut down on the mess

I Know, its a lot....but count them!

I lined up all the small cars that they had in order to get a count of the minimum number of spaces I would need in the garage. They had a LOT of cars, not including the ones that were too big/awkwardly shaped to fit inside the tubes (that will be a project for a later date).

Cut the tubes

I cut all the tubes to fit the length of the longest car they have. That way I could ensure that the other smaller ones would fit inside the tubes also

Get ready to paint!

After I have cut all of the tubes to the appropriate size, I put the tubes into a separate box. Putting them in a separate box helps to evenly distribute the spray paint and to contain the mess from the spray paint. Let the tubes dry completely and then add a second coat if necessary.

Double check

I liked the idea of two alternating colors in the garage! I decided to arrange the tubes inside the box in a cool pattern but I had to make sure they were thoroughly dry first.

Trim the second box

Once all of the tubes have been painted and have dried, cut the second cardboard box. Cut the box to fit the size of the tubes. I cut my box with a tiny bit of excess remaining just for a better look in my opinion.

Paint the interior

Once the box was cut to the appropriate size, I spray painted the inside of the box and glued down the inside flaps.

Time to Arrange!

Once the box and glue have dried, then it will be time to assemble the tubes. I wanted a colorful look so I created a pattern alternating the blue and red tubes. I sprayed a layer of spray adhesive and let that sit for a minute. Once the glue is tacky, then I made a line of 10 tubes, sprayed another layer of spray adhesive, making sure it got in between the tubes and on the painted side of the box, waited until it got tacky and assembled the next layer or tubes. I repeated this process until the box was filled. I also used a hot glue gun to reinforce and support the bond between the tubes. It just added an additional layer of structural security but be prepared, it also adds more time to the project too.

Finishing Touches

After the tubes have been assembled and glued into place, I painted the outside of the box black and let it all dry completely.


The Finished Product! I love it and more importantly my boys love it! Its easy to access all the cars, while not being a big bucket of mess in the playroom anymore! Now the bigger cars, are another matter.....

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